Commissions? Can I do that?!



Commission?! You mean TALK with people who want something in particular from me?! Would I be able to understand what they want?                                                                  What if I spend hours, weeks and perhaps even months creating something they are not satisfied with?!

All of these were thoughts that made my heart beat faster as I pondered the possibilities.

The truth is, I was scared. At that point in my artistic career I was pleased to continue creating what it was that I saw in my mind's eye at that point in time and have it purchased and treasured. It was much less intimidating to this woman who is comfortable in her own studio for days and weeks at a time, not missing anything outside of it for lengths of time that would make many others squirm. I am self admittedly, quite the artistic shut in. 

I still have bouts of discomfort merely marketing myself on social media. I crave one day entering shows and presenting a collection at an art show, but the thought of being face front in display with my work makes me nervous. Invisioning myself standing at a booth answering questions face to face with so many I do not know about my work, gives me a slight case of the sweats.

Then, one blessed day, I was contacted for a rather special commission inquiry. It was put up, or shut up time. I find it to be true that we do not quite know how we will react to something until we face it. We may speculate in hopes that we may be more brave than we would be in reality. On the other hand, we may also sell ourselves short in our very own minds. The latter seemed to be the case for me. 

I was referred by someone I very much respect. I felt truly blessed by this and rose to the occasion. I now fail to see what could have possibly been so intimidating.

In the communicating and working to collaborate is where I found deep enjoyment, not discomfort or intimidation. As for the issue with the fear of creating something that would not be sufficiant, or 'not quite right', I now realize that if communication is maintained throughout the creative process, there is not a cause for concern. Instead, for me, it is a source of extreme enjoyment. The back and forth of creating designs, together, that I would not have come up with on my own. I had not done this since art school, and realized how much I truly missed it.

I am blessed beyond what I ever saw in my own mind. I am grateful and thank every single one of you who take the time to read here.

These are photographs of my very first beadwork commission. An honor stole in the traditional southeastern woodland style of beading. The design was inspired by the work of Martha Berry, my precious friend and mentor. 

Never back down to the possibility of progress. Face opportunities with the quite confidence of knowing your own abilities and limitations. Be honest and kind to yourself.

A friend of mine shared a thought with me not so long ago that revisits me every day since she said it to me.

"If you have a gift, you are suppose to share it." I am on my way dear friend, taking the natural steps of artistic growth. Thank you.


Valerie, It is beautiful

It is beautiful something to be treasured!!

Thank you. Sincerely.

Thank you. Sincerely.

Love your artwork

Yes firsts are always scary. You should enter in art shows. Love your traditional style. i think your the best. He he.

Thank you! I will enter shows

Thank you! I will enter shows just as soon as I have enough funds to afford travel and lodging. I am building confidence with every step of artistic growth. Thank you for your support, kind words and encouragement!

Beautiful post and gorgeous

Beautiful post and gorgeous work. Smiles and warm feelings all around. You've found your calling, I think...

I know so... I am blessed

I know so... I am blessed beyond words. I am grateful. Thank you for your kind words.

A gift shared is never

A gift shared is never received just once. It's like a pebble thrown into the pond, it touches many lives and comes back to center. You! Keep doing what your doing, it's a beautiful piece.

Thank you Tana! Your

Thank you Tana! Your kindness, friendship and kind words do me a world of good. I sure appreciate you!

Your first art show

A very wise woman once said, “Never back down to the possibility of progress. Face opportunities with the quiet confidence of knowing your own abilities and limitations. Be honest and kind to yourself.”

Oh, yeah, that was you, third to last paragraph!

When you do your first show, DON’T do it for yourself. Do it for those long ago Cherokee beaders who NEED us to tell their story. When you tell the story of Cherokee beadwork, and show the beauty and wisdom in the work, you are teaching Cherokee history.

History is never about the past. History is always about the future.

So, tell the story. You will be amazed how kind and interested 99.9% of your booth visitors will be. They will become new friends and acquaintances. Don’t miss that opportunity. It takes a bit of courage but is so very well worth it.

Big HUGS!!! mkb

Happy tears of gratitude and love

I adore you. I adore your family. I treasure your friendship and your words. Wado ginali. Gvgeyui.

I am working on my treasured first entry pieces. I will do shows and I will tell our story to the very best of my ability. I promise. Hugs right back at ya!!

Dear Valerie, I have been a

Dear Valerie, I have been a long time admirer of your Traditional Cherokee Art . You both inspire me and make me proud ! Your art is so beautiful that I cannot imagine why you would be intimidated or scared when you share your creativity and talent with others . You are awesome ! I love all of your art , but I especially like your Beaded Moccasins , Bandolier Bags and Beaded Purses ; I know it takes several painstaking hours to complete each piece of art you create , so I can appreciate the time and love you put into the work you do from beginning to finish . It is my hope that I will be able to meet you and your family ... Perhaps in one of the Art Shows someday soon ! :)

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