About Me And My Art

Osiyo! (Hello!)

It is wonderful to have you here!

I am a US Army veteran, mommy of one, a wife of an active duty soldier and an artist who enjoys a few distinct mediums. Metal, wire, shell, vintage czech beads, wool, silk and pearls.

My passion is creating traditional Cherokee beadwork and art. I also enjoy other types of beadwork, jewelry making and gourd art.  

I started to create beadwork and jewelry at the young age of seven when I sat on my bedroom floor to watch my brother teach himself to bead on a loom. After that, while other children played at recess, you would find me sitting on a bench stringing beads for necklaces and bracelets. My brother did not know at the time that he had sparked in me a life long passion for beads and art that would guide my life in many subtle ways.

I will share many of these stories on my blog. I hope that you enjoy reading about them. Pehaps you will even take the time to share some of your artistic journey stories with me! I do enjoy hearing stories.

My brother is no longer my only teacher, mentor or encourager. I have learned from many artists in many places and many mediums over the years. Beaders from many indigenous nations, sketch artists and graphic designers, instructors in art school, photography from talented professors, gourd carving and making from a beautiful Cherokee women....  Without every single one of these talented artists, I would not be me. I am a sum of my experiances and appreciate every one of them. I will share many of these artists with you in the future. I hope you enjoy the stories and follow my blog so that you can gradually hear about them all. 

In my shop you will find what I have currently available for sale in all categories and in my gallery you will find past work that is no longer available for purchase.

I create traditional work and contemporary works. When we create art soulfully, that art is a reflection of who we are as human beings. We can not help but to expose who we are as individuals through what we create. I am a tribal citizen of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. Because of who I am, what I have been taught, what this place holds for me that motivates me and the people in my life that I treasure and whom support me, my art distinctly demonstrates a Cherokee influence. How could it not if I create work from where good art should be created from? After all, my history and culture is my passion.

A sincere thank you for stopping in and reading my page.

I hope that you enjoy your visit here and come back again and again.

Valerie Kagan








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