THE OLD WAY (Cherokee Bandolier Bag)

THE OLD WAY (Cherokee Bandolier Bag)

The design and story of this bandolier entitled The Old Way is read in a counter-clockwise directions just like the Cherokee and many other Southeastern Woodland tribes dance. The designs allude to only a few of our time honored plants, some of which were used in ceremony for many generations. This bandolier is an homage from the artist to what tribal towns remain and how much our ancestors risked and sacrificed so that we are able to perpetuate Cherokee tradition in a safe and secure manner. It was not always this way. She hopes that this piece inspires interest or admiration for our unique culture and encourages those who see it to go support our grounds and the ways that were so hard won.

Materials: Red wool stroud, silk, cotton, velvet ribbon, 100% wool yarn. Size 10 and 11 Czech seed beads, size 13 charlotte cut Czech seed beads, pre-1900 seed beads and pure copper beads.

Technique: 100% hand sewn. Hand beaded two point needle appliqué.

Size: 37 in long by 11 inches wide