Gourd Mask-Cherokee Storyteller

Gourd Mask-Cherokee Storyteller

Gourd grown by Fred Bates of Locust Grove, Oklahoma.

This gourd mask was inspired by a particular Cherokee storyteller favorite of mine....

This story teller's turban was made with cotton fabric and a wild turkey feather delicately placed. The sideburns were created with tufts of cleaned rabbit fur. The nose was cut from the top of a kettle gourd and handsewn into place with natural sinew as was the rounded mouth which suggests that a story is being shared at this very moment. The facial design was burned into the surface with a woodburning iron. I cut the ears from gourd, hand shaped them with a jewelrs saw, carefully cut a hole the size of these brass ear rings. Though we see people wearing these style ear gauges today, it is an accurate historic reference to styles reminicient of very long ago....