Framed Beadwork: Perpetuate Identity (Framed)

Framed Beadwork: Perpetuate Identity (Framed)

This design was inspired by an artifact discovered at the Hopewell site mound 25 in Ohio by moundbuilders between A.D. 1-400. It is speculated that this elegant shaped piece carved from a thin layer of mica was intended for ceremonial use. The antique white opalescent beads that were chosen for the outline of the hand were to mimic the beautiful glow of mica. The center design was added with precious, pristine and bright beads to emphasize the symbol's importance through the ages.

Materials: 100% wool navy stroud, size 15 charlotte cut Czech beads, 1920 era rescued steel cut beads in the center and pre-1900 white opal antique French beads.

Size: 7.25 in. high x 5.25 in. wide x 1.5 in. deep.